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Climbing Kilimanjaro Made Easy

1 Discover Mount Kilimanjaro

Snow-capped and visible for miles, Mount Kilimanjaro is an awe-inspiring sight and at 5,895 metres high it is the jewel in Tanzania’s crown. Challenging, rewarding and exhilarating in equal measure, reaching Africa’s highest peak – also the tallest free-standing mountain in the world – Climbing Kilimanjaro is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, trekking through valleys and forested slopes, then onto rocky terrain and steep ascents, the views intensifying the higher you climb!

2 Ask Our Experts

The best adventure travel experiences happen when you have the best experts and guides. With decades of experience in the field, Our guides offer exceptional leadership and expert destination knowledge. Our sales team, expert guides and trip leaders are highly accomplished professionals, who know Mount Kilimanjaro like the back of their hands and are the key to the success of every one of our trips. We are all locals who live in-country year-round.

3 Relax & Let Us Do The Rest

You are in the right place and in the right hands of experts, We will be with you all the step of the way from providing you with all the most upto date necessary information to prepare you for the climb from what to pack, to what you will eat to every condition of your climb and what to expect. Lastly we will drop you at the airport after a successful and happy ending of your dream come true climbing Kilimanjaro expedition.



  • Professional, experienced, licensed local guides
  • Highest guide to climberratio of 1:2
  • Honest, hardworking, team-oriented support staff
  • High summit success ratesand client satisfaction


  • Warm, waterproof, four-season mountain tents
  • Hot, fresh, delicious meals and clean drinking water
  • Roomy, heavy duty dining tents with table and chairs
  • Private, sanitary toilet tents


  • Professional, experienced, licensed local guides
  • Highest guide to climber ratio of 1:2
  • Honest, hardworking, team-oriented support staff
  • High summit success rates and client satisfaction


  • Environmentally and socially responsible
  • Support local entrepreneurs
  • Fair and ethical treatment of porters



CLIMBING KILIMANJARO® has the best guides on the mountain, period. Each of our guides climbs Kilimanjaro approximately 20 times per year and has handled more than one thousand clients in his lifetime. Our guides are licensed by the national park, are certified Wilderness First Responders and receive ongoing advanced high altitude medical training. In short, they know how to lead clients to the top – safely and professionally. By having our experts on your side, we maximize your chance of a safe, successful and enjoyable experience. We spend a great deal of attention in finding the right staff.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Tours - Top Recommendations

Our Kilimanjaro tours packages provide ample time to rest and acclimate prior to the Kilimanjaro climb. From years of experience, we have found that this strategy works best and has increased our clients' summit success rate dramatically. Climbing Kilimanjaro is a demanding, challenging feat. Nearly a third of all climbers fail to reach the summit. Why? To succeed on the mountain, it is imperative that climbers are guided by an experienced outfitter, with proven competence, reliability and safety. Your guide service is the single most important factor in determining the success of your climb. We will be with you every step of the way on this once in a lifetime experience! We are excited to plan what you have envisioned for this vacation. Contact us today to start planning your Climb

Join the thousands of climbers who have stood on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro Guided by Our Dream Team

Rongai Route 7 Days

The Rongai route offers the best chance to experience the wildlife surrounding Mt. Kilimanjaro and it is one of the quietest routes...
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Marangu Route 6 Days

The Marangu Route is one of the shortest route while Climbing Kilimanjaro and unlike any other route accommodation is in huts...
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Machame Route 7 Days

The drive is very scenic towards Kilimanjaro's Machame route, as you pass through the Machame village cultivation area, see local farmers....
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Northern Circuit Route

Northern Circuit Route is a relatively new route and is undoubtedly the most remote and quite option taking you on a circumnavigation of Kilimanjaro...
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Lemosho Route 8 Days

Approximately 42 miles (70km) from gate to gate, Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route is the path-less-travelled to the highest peak in Africa, offering an u...
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Lemosho Route 7 Days

Approximately 42 miles (70km) from gate to gate, Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route is the path-less-travelled to the highest peak in Africa, offering an u...
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  • Our guides are certified Wilderness First Responders (WFR)
  • Our guides conduct health checks twice daily using pulseoximeters to measure pulse and oxygen saturation
  • We carry emergency oxygen, a portable stretcher and a medical kit on all our Kilimanjaro climbs
  • We are partnered with Sentinel Outdoor Institute, A HighAltitude Medical Training Organization
  • We provide AMREF Flying Doctors helicopter evacuation for severely injured or ill climbers
  • We track the location of and communicate with ourguides using satellite GPS communicators
  • We have established protocols for handling emergencies onthe mountain, including rescue and evacuation
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