Climbing Kilimanjaro Hotel / Accommodation Before & After your Climb


When you arrive at Kilimanjaro International airport, you’ll be picked up by a member of Climbing Kilimanjaro team and transferred to the Mount Meru Hotel where you will have a night of rest and relaxation before your climb begins.

Mount Meru Hotel, ARUSHA Set in lush gardens amid forest and crystal clear waters on the slopes of Mount Meru, It offers 178 rooms, and has been providing personal service since 1974.

Rooms have king-size beds, twin beds or triple beds, and a bathroom with a tub for soaking after your trek. Also you can book a massage to ease your aching limbs after your climb. The Lodge is located only 45 minutes away from Kilimanjaro International Airport and 10 minutes from Arusha town center.

The day before your climb, you’ll meet climbing Kilimanjaro guides for a climb briefing, they’ll answer any questions you have and check your gear. We can arrange a walk in Arusha National Park (with an armed ranger) for game viewing, or you can opt to go into Arusha town for some last-minute shopping or a meal.

After your climb, you can arrange for the friendly staff to launder your climbing gear and even clean your muddy hiking boots, ready for your onward journey.

Arusha National Park

Arusha National Park is in Northern Tanzania and is the home of Mt. Meru, the second-highest peak in Africa. Sixty kilometers away from Kilimanjaro, Mt. Meru is a stratovolcano formed at approximately the same time as Kilimanjaro and the Great Rift Valley. There’s an abundance of game and bird-life, guided walks (with an armed ranger) are the best way to explore this park.

Mount Meru

Climbing Mt Meru is an excellent pre-acclimatization trek for those wanting to climb Kilimanjaro. It takes 3-4 days to climb to the 14,980ft summit, with spectacular views across to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mt Meru is not a technical peak, so you’ll need no climbing gear or mountaineering experience to safely reach the summit.