Can You Climb Kilimanjaro Solo?

The short answer is, yes! You can climb Kilimanjaro solo. However, you will always need a guide as per the rules outlined by the Kilimanjaro National Park authorities. Most companies and tour operators also require that you have a few porters to carry your things.

Porters will also carry supplies you need while going up the mountain including food, your tent, and a portable toilet.

So, while you won’t be truly alone, you can still climb the mountain solo if you choose not to join a group.


Our Client with our Mountain crew on a Private Kilimanjaro Solo hike.

Private Climbs Up Kilimanjaro

Here at Climbing Kilimanjaro, we offer private climbs up Kilimanjaro. Private climbs are for those who don’t want to join a group.

When you sign up for a private climb, you will be the only climber but you still still have a guide and a few porters to take you up the mountain.

If you have a few friends or family members who want to climb but everyone doesn’t want to join a larger group, we can also create a private climb for your small group.

You are able to choose your own dates making private climbs extremely flexible.

Why Climb Kilimanjaro Solo?

There are many reasons people may choose to climb Kilimanjaro solo:

  • The chance to walk at their own pace rather than being stressed about keeping up with a group
  • More control of their experience
  • More time to connect to nature and the scenery around you
  • A better opportunity to talk to the guides and porters and get to know them
  • Stop to take more photos and videos
  • More opportunities for self-discovery
  • Chance to choose your own dates that fit with your time off work or other personal duties

Some solo climbers also find private climbs more peaceful since they get the chance to experience Kilimanjaro in a quieter environment.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Climbing Kilimanjaro Solo?

Climbing Kilimanjaro solo has many positive benefits that many climbers find valuable. However, there are a few drawbacks to consider if you’re thinking about coming to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro solo.

The main disadvantage is the cost. Private climbs are more expensive because you are not joining a group which can help to offset the cost of climbing.

With a private climb, you also have less of a support system because there are no other climbers who can encourage you when the climb starts to get tough.

Our Kilimanjaro guides and porters will still be there for you to ensure you can reach the summit. They know certain parts of the climb are tougher than others which is why they check on all climbers to ensure they are doing well both physically and mentally.

Don’t be surprised if they also encourage you with songs in both English and Swahili with motivating lyrics.

Why Do Solo Climbers Need a Guide?

Many people are surprised to hear that they cannot climb Kilimanjaro without a guide. While this might seem annoying if you’re an experienced climber, it’s for your own safety.

Even experienced and fully trained climbers sometimes experience altitude sickness. Being on the mountain alone while sick is extremely dangerous which is why guides are required.

Using a guide during a solo climb also has many other benefits:

  • Help you to secure climbing permits from Kilimanjaro National Park
  • Help you to follow the Leave No Trace rules of the mountain
  • Ensure you get to the proper campsite and have all the supplies you need for the climb like tents, sleeping pads, food, and water
  • Register you with the proper authorities to ensure you are allowed to climb the mountain and have all the proper paperwork in order

Is it Safe to Climb Kilimanjaro Solo?

As long as you have a guide, as per the rules of Kilimanjaro National Park, climbing Kilimanjaro solo is very safe. Your guide will ensure you are always on the right path. They can also help you if you happen to fall sick or have another emergency.

How Long Does It Take to Climb Kilimanjaro Solo?

All routes up the mountain have different durations. Solo climbs can be from 6-9 days depending on your route and your pace.

Should I Climb Kilimanjaro Solo?

Anyone can climb Kilimanjaro solo! All Kilimanjaro routes can also be climbed solo so you’re free to choose whatever dates are convenient for you as well as which route you want to do.

Climbing Kilimanjaro solo requires the same amount of training as going with a group. You can also do a solo climb whether you are highly experienced or if you are new to high-altitude trekking.

If you want a quiet adventure up the mountain with maximum flexibility, climbing solo is probably the right fit for you.

Ready to Climb Kilimanjaro Solo?

Contact us today and let us know which dates and route you want to do for your private climb. We can get it all set up for you and prepare you to summit the tallest mountain in Africa!