What Celebrities Have Climbed Kilimanjaro?

Many people who are planning to climb Kilimanjaro are curious about who walked the trek and made it to the summit before them. Many celebrities have successfully climbed Kilimanjaro either with a team of other celebrities or solo.


Here are some familiar Celebrities names of those who have climbed Kilimanjaro

1.Mandy Moore

During a short break she had from filming This is Us, Moore climbed Kilimanjaro in 2018. She had dreamed of climbing since she was 18 years old and was able to cross it off her bucket list and even continue to climb Everest Base Camp.


2. Jessica Biel

Biel is one of the celebrities who climbed Kilimanjaro with many other famous people including Kenna and Emilie Hirsch. They all climbed to raise money for charity to help the people of Tanzania have access to clean water and anti-malarial medication.

They climbed with an entire documentary team and everyone made it to the summit even though some of the weather conditions were not ideal.

3. Chris Long

Long is a retired American football player and has climbed Kilimanjaro several times with his first climb being in 2013. He has a charity called Conquering Kili which he started to help the people of Tanzania have access to clean drinking water.

He often climbs with a group of friends or family. Other football players have also joined him on the climbs as well as former famous athletes like Justin Wren and Steven Jackson.


4. Brian Blessed

Blessed is an actor who first climbed Kilimanjaro in 1988. He is known for being a famous mountaineer as he also got within 1,000 feet of the Everest summit. He has had many adventures all over the world including hiking the North Magnetic Pole and climbing to the top of Aconcagua.

Blessed climbed with his daughter Cathie. She got a little bit of altitude sickness at the top of Kilimanjaro, but was still able to summit and have a good descent.

Comic Relief

Comic Relief is a well-known British charity that puts a lot of focus on ending child poverty both in the UK and elsewhere across the world.

Many British celebrities climbed with the group Comic Relief charity so that they could raise money. The largest group climbed together in 2009.

The group was led by Gary Barlow and he was joined by many different celebrities including Ben Shephard, Cheryl Cole, and Alesha Dixon.

There was also a large group that summited in 2019 including Alexander Armstrong, Dani Dyer, and Anita Rani.


6. Haloti Ngata

Ngata was an American football player who actually announced his retirement from football at the summit of Kilimanjaro. He made a heartfelt speech while at the top that many of his fans still remember.

7. Isabel Lucas

Lucas is an American actress and model who climbed Kilimanjaro with Jessica Biel. She experienced several symptoms of altitude sickness including headache and nausea. With the help of her guides and porters though, she was able to successfully summit Kilimanjaro and she says it was one of the best experiences of her life.

She says the support she received from her team and the guides was what was able to help her get to the top. This is why it’s extremely important to choose the right Kilimanjaro operator and ensure you have supportive people who can be there for you every step of the way.


8. Emilie Hirsch

Hirsch also climbed the mountain with Jessica Biel and he says despite being very adventerous and outdoorsy, getting to the summit was much harder than he thought it would be. The group encountered many different weather conditions that made summiting hard including sleet, wind, and snow.

Many of them had to stop along the way to take breaks and make sure they were not getting cold. All were able to reach the summit though and they have no regrets about making the journey.


Final Thoughts

While there are tons of celebrities who have climbed Kilimanjaro, the people on this list are the names that most people know. Knowing the famous people who have made it to the summit can encourage and inspire you.

Just like all people, these celebrities had to train and put in hard work to be able to climb and summit.