Climbing Kilimanjaro for Free

Yes you can climb Kilimanjaro for free with us! Sounds like an amazing deal right? If your group of friends want to Climb Kilimanjaro then you get to go for free! This is how it works. Get out there and find 8 people to join you Mount Kilimanjaro Climb. You get your space for FREE or share the saving with your group of friends.

Climb Kilimanjaro for FREE and Choose your own route

We can help you decide on the route or you can pick and choose which route you and your group would want to use. The 8 people would pay for their Kilimanjaro climb and  we will give you the full Kilimanjaro service for free.

You can choose example the the Machame route 7 days climb or Lemosho route 7 days climb or the Marangu route 6 days climb  where you get to sleep in mountain huts.


Can you Climb Kilimanjaro for free?Climbing Kilimanjaro for free

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro for free with the Best guides and crew

Come and meet the Best guides and crew on Mount Kilimanjaro! Our team will always go the extra mile to make your journey  enjoyable and unforgettable. From the first moment you contact us, until it’s time to say goodbye to your team, you will have exceptional customer care, high-end mountain equipment, top of the line vehicles and unique surprises like our signature hot lunches in the wild (instead of lunch boxes).

At Climbing Kilimanjaro, we believe that the mountain guides and crew makes the climb an unforgettable experience. We have dedicated all of our efforts into building a team that we can proudly say are the best.


CONTACT US now and climb Kilimanjaro for free!!