Can you Climbing Kilimanjaro in July?

Yes, With dry weather and warm temperatures, July is a relatively great month to climb Kilimanjaro. You will find more people on the mountain due to the better conditions. The weather can be colder higher up, however the colder temps usually have great mountain views.

Whether you’re climbing to support a cause or demonstrate your courage and perseverance, there’s nothing like summiting a mountain like Kilimanjaro. Standing at 19,340 feet, this dormant volcano is the highest mountain in Africa, and has long been a mecca for climbing enthusiasts hoping to see the world from atop of the peak.

As summer heats the northern hemisphere and tourists on holiday make their way to the area, July becomes a wonderful time to visit Africa and cross Kilimanjaro off your bucket list. But climbing a mountain like this one is no easy feat, and a lot of preparation goes into achieving such a tall goal.

Why is July a Good Time to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro?

July signifies the start of holidays and vacations for many across North America and Europe, making it the perfect time to visit Africa, where the weather is ideal for climbing Kilimanjaro. It’s the start of the region’s tourist season, so avoid crowds by using a different, less popular route to climb Kilimanjaro, such as the Shira, Rongai, or Mweka routes.



Located in northeastern Tanzania and very close to the equator, the region surrounding Kilimanjaro doesn’t have the typical “four seasons,” but rather a wet and dry season. July is a colder month, but it’s the beginning of the dry season when clouds are few. 

Mount Kilimanjaro Weather

While higher altitudes see extreme weather conditions like below-freezing nights and frigid winds, the month of July brings dryness and warmth to the area. The cooler temperatures also provide great views from the top and less precipitation – the perfect recipe for awesome climbing conditions.


Ideal Times to Climb Kilimanjaro

If you can’t visit Kilimanjaro in July, there are many other periods where seasoned backpackers and first-timers can trek up the peak. While it is possible to climb Kilimanjaro year-round, there are two ideal time periods for climbing:

  • January-March: The weather is cooler, and the slopes are quieter
  • June-October: Busier but dryer and warmer temperatures

In the warmer months, the temperatures will be warm from January through March and the mornings and evenings will usually have clear beautiful skies. However, clouds and rain showers show up throughout the day, and trails can be very wet and visibility low.


We don’t recommend climbing Kilimanjaro during this time unless you have experienced trekking in similar conditions. While the crowds are nearly gone, showers are unpredictable.


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