Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Review

If you are after the very best company to take you up Kilimanjaro, stop looking you have found the one. We spent a lot of time reading reviews and weighing up costs of a number of different companies before we decided to choose Climbing Kilimanjaro and we were so happy with our decision! Frank and his team who took us along the 7 day Lemosho route were outstanding. I honestly cannot recommend them more highly so save yourself some time looking and choose Climbing Kilimanjaro. The best Kilimanjaro tour operator  

Rachael Tranter

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Review

These guys were fantastic all the way up my climb up Mt Kilimanjaro. They were so fun to be around, very supportive and knowledgeable. I feel like I had a great cultural experience as well tasting the local foods on the trek. Fadhili and his team are absolutely fantastic, I felt very safe and in caring hands. They couldn't have done a better job, I appreciate all the hard work that goes into an experience like this.


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Review

Myself and three friends just completed a 7-day climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Machame Route) with Climbing Kilimanjaro. This trip was absolutely flawless. From the moment we met up with their staff, we were treated with the most incredible hospitality and professionalism we had ever encountered. We had initially chosen this Company because of their reasonably priced tours but quickly learned that despite their incredible pricing, they didn't skimp on a single aspect of the tour. I could write a novel on all of the positive aspects of the trip but I will quickly mention a few.  


Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Review

I would emphatically recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro for your trek up Mount Kilimanjaro! The guides are incredibly experienced (some have summited over 300x!) They were very attentive to safety and our overall well-being on the mountain. They treated us like family and made the whole experience very fun and enjoyable for everyone. By supporting this company you can take solace in knowing that your money is going to a local (Tanzanian) company and not some big corporation. You are helping feed local families and giving these very deserving individuals the opportunity to make a living. I was also very impressed with how they treat their staff/porters. Being on a mountain for 7 days I had low expectations of the food however, everyone was absolutely blown away by the meals chef Kasian cooked up for us! More food than we were ever able to finish and always very tasty! They serve the right food to ensure you are energized and fueled properly to summit this beast of a mountain! In regards to their slogan "best guides on Kilimanjaro". I am not overly familiar with other companies but I can honestly say that I could not imagine a better group of people to climb with! They were nothing short of fantastic from beginning to end. The prices are very affordable compared to other companies having said that, quality and overall value is extremely high! These guys are very attentive down to the last detail! Go ahead and book with Climbing Kilimanjaro and know that you are in the best possible hands on the mountain. Also, get ready to make some new friends and participate in lots of singing/dancing and good vibes all round! 10/10


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