Does Africa Get Snow?

Many people ask if Africa gets snow! Since it’s a large continent, the answer to this question varies based on the country you’re traveling to and the time of year you visit.


Most countries in Africa do not get a lot of snow. This means in the cities where people work and live, there is little to no snowfall.

However, many countries across the continent have high mountain ranges that often see snow. You’ll only get the chance to experience snow in these places if you plan to climb up the mountains.

South Africa and Lesotho see more snowfall compared to other countries because of their higher altitudes. Algeria and Morocco have also experienced snow in the cities in particularly cold winters, but it doesn’t happen every year.

Snow in Africa

Some people think of Africa as being only a large desert without cold weather. While most countries in Africa do not see snow often, they may still experience cold weather. Cold fronts usually come in the dry season in African nations, especially the ones that are close to the equator.

While Africa might not be the place to go to experience winter sports and heavy snowfalls, you will still have to bring layers and some options for colder weather when traveling.

What Countries in Africa Have Snow?

Here are a few of the countries in Africa that experience snow on a regular basis.


Lesotho has some of the highest peaks in Africa making it easy for snow to occur. The winter season is from June to August and the country often experiences temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius during this time.

South Africa

South Africa is a large country with many different landscapes. Winter in South Africa is from June to August. If you want to see snow, head to the Drakensberg Mountains where people often go to take photos in the snow and go sledding.

Sometimes South Africa sees snow in major cities like Johannesburg but this is a rare occurrence.


Snow in Morocco most often happens from December to February. Only the very northern regions see snow and it doesn’t snow happen every year.

Temperatures can even drop to -8 degrees Celsius.


Uganda has snow, but only on top of the Rwenzori Mountains. It’s extremely cold at the top of the mountains and they often have snow and glaciers on them. Some travelers hike up the mountains to see the snow while others prefer to just admire the snow on the mountains from down below.


Although many regions of Tanzania get cold enough to wear sweaters and boots, the only place in the country with snow is Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The summit of the mountain can get extremely cold with arctic temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Snow is more common during Kilimanjaro’s dry season which runs from mid-June to October but the Most amount of Snow is during the month of December with very cold temperatures. The best months to see snow are June, July, and August.

Snow on Kilimanjaro

As the highest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is one of the best places to experience snowfall in Africa. Because of the very high altitude and the windy weather conditions, Kilimanjaro experiences snowfall often.

Since Kilimanjaro tends to make its own weather patterns, it can be difficult to know exactly when it’s going to snow on the mountain.

However, many climbers who come to climb in the dry season experience snow as they are working their way toward the summit.

Ready to See the Snow on Kilimanjaro?

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