All inclusive Kilimanjaro Climb Packages

In our all inclusive Kilimanjaro climb packages, we aim to offer the best combination of low prices and great quality for you to climb Kilimanjaro. We certainly do not offer the cheapest prices for a Kilimanjaro climb but we do believe we offer the best prices.

And if you compare what we include with the cheapest operator companies you will nearly always find the cheaply priced Kilimanjaro climbs turn out to be more expensive than you think.

All inclusive Open group prices to climb Kilimanjaro

Our prices for open group Kilimanjaro climbs in 2020 and 2021 are set out below. For prices for private and tailor-made climbs please contact us directly with your specific requirements.

We are also happy to accept payments in Euros and US Dollars and can accept payment by credit card or bank transfer.

What is included in our prices to climb Kilimanjaro?

We are 100% straightforward in explaining our costs for a Kilimanjaro climb and include in your price pretty much everything except items of a personal nature. The only extras you have to pay are the evening meal at the hotel before and after the climb and tips for your crew.

This is what we include in our best prices to climb Kilimanjaro

For your safety as you climb Kilimanjaro

  • Qualified guides that have been carefully selected and trained by us
  • Minimum of 1 guide for every 2 clients
  • National Park Fees and Rescue Service Prepaid
  • Discounts on your vaccinations with Nomad
  • First Aid Kit, Pulse oxymeters and Oxygen provided on every climb

For your health as you climb Kilimanjaro

  • 3 to 5 liters of boiled water every day
  • Lashings of healthy tasty food
  • Twice daily health checks by guides

For your comfort as you climb Kilimanjaro

  • Private airport transfers to and from hotel
  • Good standard hotel included as a standard option
  • Superior quality camping equipment (tents, sleeping mats, – not applicable on the Marangu route as all meals are served at the camps in designated dining halls
  • Table and chairs provided on all climbs
  • Mess tent on all climbs

And for being responsible about your Kilimanjaro climb

  • We are a member of  Leave no trace
  • Complimentary Flying doctors membership (Emergency Helicopter evacuation in case of emergency – T & C’s apply)
  • We support the local schools, orphanages etc

And to be straight-forward, the only things we don’t include in our prices to climb Kilimanjaro are:

So for the best prices to climb Kilimanjaro please do enquire now

What Clients Say

“Everything on our climb was great! The guides were absolutely wonderful – professional, knowledgeable and fun.”

Megan, USA

“The guide and staff were amazing! I definitely would not have succeeded without them!”

Gemma, UK