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What will I eat while climbing Kilimanjaro

Out team employs some of the best chefs on Kilimanjaro to ensure that you are happy and well-fed throughout the entire trek. You’ll have hot meals for breakfast and dinner, with excellent boxed lunches to take with you on your day hikes too. The food is all locally sourced, fresh, and prepared to exacting standards, ensuring that it is delicious and safe to eat at every stage of the climb.

Chances are, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the food that our cooks prepare while on the mountain. It is not uncommon for trekkers to lose their appetite at altitude, but we try to overcome this challenge by offering enticing meals with plenty of variety to help provide plenty of energy to see you through the long days on trail.

If you have special dietary needs be sure to let us know prior to your trek. We can accommodate pretty much everyone, including those who are vegans or gluten intolerant. Our chefs can provide just about anything you need, so don’t hesitate to ask prior to departure. Food will play an important role in keeping you healthy, happy, and moving, and our chefs will do what they can to meet your needs.

We’ll also provide fully-treated drinking water throughout the climb as well. The water is perfectly safe to drink and should be used to fill your water bottles and hydration reservoirs at night and prior to starting out on the daily hikes. Staying hydrated is an important step to preventing altitude sickness and hikers are encouraged to drink plenty of liquids throughout the day.

If you want to add flavor to your drinking water, be sure to bring electrolyte tablets or powders with you from home. This can help to not only make the water more tasty, but can provide some important elements that your body needs when it is burning a lot of calories and altitude.

Sample menu items in our Kilimanjaro Menu.

BREAKFAST: Fruit Juice, Fruit, Cereal/Porridge/Oats, Eggs bread/French-toast/Plain-toast /Pancakes, Sausages, Margarine, Jam/Honey, Tea/Coffee/Drinking chocolate. Boiled egg, spinach omelet or fried egg with beacon and bread.SNACKS: Peanuts/Crisps/Popcorn/Cookies .

LUNCH: Sliced Carrot and Cucumber stripes, Avocado slices, Boiled egg, Vegetable/Meat cutlets, Sandwiches (Egg/ Cheese/Tomato/Tuna/Meat/Peanut butter), Fruit. Boiled egg, salami sandwich, cheese, French toast Macaroni and meat sauce and bread.

DINNER: Soup of the day, Bread, Salad, Rice/Pasta/Potatoes, Chicken/Meat, Mixed Vegetables (Carrot/French -Beans/Cabbage), Lentils, Fruit Salad, Fruit with custard, Tea/Coffee/Milo/Drinking chocolate. Spaghetti with meat sauce or fish with rice, Fried beef with roast potatoes, rice, carrots, cabbage. Roast chicken with vegetable, fried rice, green pepper, carrots.

ON WAY TO THE SUMMIT (midnight snack)
Hot Chocolate, Tea or coffee and biscuits, orange squash or soup


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