Kilimanjaro Guides

High-altitude trekking carries some inherent risk, and even the most experienced mountaineers in the world rely on the tutelage of local guides their first time up a mountain. For this reason, the authorities at Kilimanjaro require all trekkers to hire a guide.


Among other dangers, Mount Kilimanjaro is home to quickly changing microclimates and sections of dangerous rock fall. Choosing the right guide could literally save your life.


We know you’re putting your life in our hands, and we are humbled to accept this responsibility. We equip our guides with all the tools they need to make sure each and every trip to Kilimanjaro is a success.


There’s no substitute for experience on your trek up Kilimanjaro

An experienced guide increases your chances of a successful summit, which is why Climbing Kilimanjaro only employs expert guides with hundreds of successful Kilimanjaro summits under their belts.


Most of our guides are locals who have worked their way up through the ranks, starting from porters, on to assistant guides and maybe cooks, and eventually gaining their guiding certifications.


No team is complete without the assistant guides, cooks, and porters. At Climbing Kilimanjaro, every trek is a well-oiled machine with a professional touch. Our staff have years of experience working together. We’re much more than just a trekking crew – we’re family, and we’re excited to welcome you into our family!


With the aim of being the best tour operator at Mount Kilimanjaro, we offer competitive wages that attract the best people. Furthermore, we have an excellent guide-to-client ratio, with at least one guide for every two climbers. Our success rate speaks for itself: we’ve helped thousands of climbers safely reach the top of Kilimanjaro, and we’ll help you get there too.


Training and Certifications: Safety First!

Our guides have abundant experience working at high altitudes, and it goes without saying that they are equipped with all the equipment necessary to guarantee your safety on the mountain, including oxygen, portable stretchers, and first-aid kits.


All guides on Mount Kilimanjaro require a license from the Kilimanjaro National Park, or KINAPA. In addition to this basic requirement, every one of our guides also has Wilderness First Responder training. This is a certification that equips guides with the skills to provide first aid and carry out emergency response and evacuation procedures when necessary in remote locations.


We strive to help each and every one of our clients attain their goal of summiting Kilimanjaro, but sometimes altitude sickness or other injuries make this impossible. That said, we believe that prevention is key, so we carry out daily medical checks of all clients and crew members to catch problems before they arise.


You can trust our guides to make the right decision and help you get down the mountain safely should it be necessary to turn back. When needed, they can also arrange for evacuation by helicopter in partnership with Kilimanjaro Search & Rescue.


All of our team members follow Leave No Trace principles and encourage our clients to do the same. Mount Kilimanjaro is an extraordinary gift and we hope to take care of the mountain so generations can enjoy it for many years to come.


Relax, Keep Calm, and Pole Pole

Just about anybody can learn the technical skills of summiting a mountain, but it takes a special type of person to make it fun.

Our guides live and breathe Kilimanjaro. They speak fluent English and will set your mind at ease by answering any questions during the daily briefing – how long to the next campsite, what will the weather be like tomorrow, how warmly to dress.

We know a trip up Kilimanjaro is much more than just putting one foot in front of the other, so our guides are happy to share insights about local history and culture, flora and fauna.


Passionate about getting outside, staying active and connecting with nature, our guides will accompany you up the mountain at a pace that works for you, and all of this with a flexible attitude and that signature sense of humor that can turn the most gruelling hike into a rewarding experience.

We never get tired of climbing Kilimanjaro. But what really makes it special is the chance to meet people from all around the world and share this national treasure with you. Our guides have made it their mission to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every trekker.


You’ve trained hard to get here, and it’s time to hand over the reins to our guides. We’ll take care of organizing the logistics and keeping it safe. Let us do the worrying so you can enjoy your trip!