How much do you tip on Kilimanjaro?

We follow Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Program (KPAP) recommended guidelines on all aspects of guide and porter payments and welfare. KPAP publish recommended tipping amounts for all operators which we adopt.

Recommending tipping amounts for Climbing Kilimanjaro are the same no matter which route you end up choosing. You should tip;

  • Lead guide: $20/day
  • Assistant guide: $15/day
  • Porters: $8/day (for each porter)
  • Cook: $15/day

These amounts are per group of climbers NOT per climber. You will be advised of the total size of your crew in your final briefing pack.

Kilimanjaro Tipping

As a general guide for a climb for two people over 7 days, a normal crew would comprise 1 x lead guide, 1 x assistant guide, 1 x cook and 6 to 7 x porters. If your climb is longer then the number of porters will increase as more food will need to be carried for everyone. Also, if you have booked a private toilet there will an additional toilet porter who carries the equipment and makes sure it’s kept clean.

Tips should be paid to the head guide on the morning of the last day of the climb. The head guide will then distribute tips according to our strict policy.