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Lemosho route

The Lemosho Route is often considered the most beautiful of all the trekking trails up Mount Kilimanjaro. It is one of the newer routes on the mountain and shares a portion of the same path as Machame route, although it holds a few advantages over that route that definitely make worth considering, particularly for travelers who have some extra time.

Starting the western flanks of Kilimanjaro at the Londorossi Gate, the Lemosho Route wanders its way up one of the more remote sections of the mountain. The trail takes hikers through a beautiful rainforest where they might have the chance to spot wildlife along the way. Black and white colobus monkeys are routinely seen in the forests, as are blue monkeys, small lizard and a wide assortment of birds. From there, the path wanders out onto the Shira Plateau, crossing it from west to east on relatively flat and easy to walk terrain.

The early days on the Lemosho Route provides plenty of solitude, as this trail sees far less traffic than Machame route and Marangu route. This makes an already-great trekking adventure even more spectacular as at times it will feel like you have the entire mountain to yourself. Eventually however, Lemosho route merges with Machame route, and the amount of traffic begins to increase. But if you’re looking for a little peace and quiet in the early going of the climb, this is a great option.

Because it follows the Machame Route for a portion of the climb, much of the same scenery is found on Lemosho route as well, including the Lava Tower and Barranco Wall. But, in those first few days this trail offers some unique views of the surrounding landscapes that aren’t visible from any other place on the mountain. Travelers will get the chance to wander through pristine rainforests and hike up to the Shira Plateau, where once above the tree line stunning vistas await.

Because of its remote nature and lengthier route, Lemosho takes a few extra days to trek. Most people spend seven or eight days on this trail, which causes the success rate to increase fairly dramatically. If you’re looking to maximize your chances of reaching the top of the mountain, this is certainly one of the best options to choose, particularly over Machame route and Marangu route.

Despite the higher success rate however, it should be noted that Lemosho route is a more strenuous hike than the “Whiskey” and “Coca-Cola” routes. There are certain sections of the trail that are steeper and more demanding, and of course trekkers spend an extra night or two sleeping in tents as well. Still, the advantages of this route truly make it stand out from the others, making it an increasingly popular choice for adventurous travelers.


Lemosho Route 7 Days Itinerary Overview

Starting from Londorossi Gate to the summit and finishing at Mweka Gate.For a day-by-day itinerary for the Lemosho Route please click on this link: 7 day Lemosho Route

Day Start Altitude (m) Altitude (ft) Finish Altitude (m) Altitude (ft) Time (hrs) Distance (km) Distance (miles
1 Londorossi Gate 2,360 7,742 Mti Mkubwa 2,895 9,498 3-4 6 4
2 Mti Mkubwa 2,895 9,498 Shira 2 Camp 3,505 11,500 8-10 18 11
3 Shira 2 Camp 3,505 11,500 Lava Tower 4,630 15,190 4-6 8 4
Lava Tower 4,630 15,190 Barranco Camp 3,976 13,044 2-3 3 2
4 Barranco Camp 3,976 13,044 Karanga Camp 3,995 13,106 4-5 5 3
5 Karanga Camp 3,995 13,106 Barafu Camp 4,673 15,331 3-4 4 2
6 Barafu Camp 4,673 15,331 Uhuru Peak 5,895 19,341 6-8 5 3
Uhuru Peak 5,895 19,341 Mweka Camp 3,068 10,065 4-6 12 7
7 Mweka Camp 3,068 10,065 Mweka Gate 1,640 5,380 3-4 10 6
Total 71 43


Lemosho Route Frequently asked questions

The questions and answers below are specific to the Lemosho route.

How difficult is the lemosho Route? 

The Lemosho route is considered one of the easiest routes on Kilimanjaro as it’s longer itinerary allows for better acclimatization. However, hikers will still need to ascend the Barranco Wall and climb steeply on summit night. No technical climbing is required but a good level of fitness is higly recommended.

What is the distance of the Lemosho Route and how many days does it take?

The exact trekking distance for the Lemosho Route is 71km or 43 miles. The shortest number of days required for Lemosho Route is 7 days, but by the time you have added on arrival and departure days it is 10. However, as it is a much longer approach route it is actually best done over 8 or 9 days to increase your changes of success.

What is the Lemosho Route Summit Success Rate?

Due to its longer length profile, summit success rates on the Lemosho route are one of the highest on the mountain. Whilst there are no official statistics, the average success rate across all operators is 90% for the 8 day trek and a 85% success rate for the 7 day trek. However, We have a success rate of over 95% for the 8 day Lemosho route and a 92% success rate for the 7 day option

What is the Scenery like on the Lemosho Route?

The Lemosho Route is considered to be the most scenically beautiful of all the routes. The route takes trekkers from the west side of the mountain through lush rainforest before joining up with the Lemosho Route to cross the spectacular Shira Plateau. The route takes in the west and south of the mountain and the views are incredible, particularly from on the southern circuit.

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