Machame Gate: Elevation of 1,800 Meters

The Machame Gate is one of the five gates in the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park to enter to climb it. It is located on the south side of the mountain, and is a popular route for those looking to explore and ascend the mountain. Here, travelers are expected to register their climb with the authorities, provide proof of their journey’s resources such as porters, tents, and food, and pay entry fees before commencing.

The Machame Gate sits on the border of the Montane forest, with a plentiful supply of rainfall throughout the year. After registering, the trekkers are lead to the Machame Hut, located 11 kilometers away, which is usually completed in 5-7 hours.

The Machame Route is an ideal choice for trekkers who wish to personally summit Mount Kilimanjaro. While the total distance of the hike is about 62 kilometers, it usually takes climbers an average of 6-7 days to complete. Those willing to tackle the Machame Route will find all the necessary accommodations in Moshi, the nearest town, located 32 kilometers from the Machame Gate.

In conclusion, the Machame Gate serves as the starting point to experience one of the most exceptional treks in the world. All eager climbers must be aware of the registration and inspection procedures in order to make the most of this incredible journey.


Machame Gate Kilimanjaro map

Below is the location of Machame Gate on a Map