Exploring Mawenzi Peak : Mount Kilimanjaro’s High-Altitude Peak

Mawenzi Peak is Mount Kilimanjaro’s second highest summit after Kibo Peak. Standing at an impressive 5,149 meters (16,893 ft.), it is the third-highest peak in Africa after Kibo Peak and Mount Kenya. Despite its height, Mawenzi can be a difficult peak to summit due to its sheer slopes and loose rocks. Experienced climbers and specialized equipment are necessary to access the peak.

Mawenzi Peak Kilimanjaro

Before its height was confirmed, many thought Ruwenzori, situated on the border of Uganda and the Congo DRC, was the third-highest peak in the continent.

What is the Main Summit of Mawenzi?

The main summit of Mawenzi is Point Hans Meyer, standing at 5,149 meters (16,893 ft.). It is named after German geologist Hans Meyer, who was the first to reach the peak on July 29, 1912. There is also a resting point on Kilimanjanro, called Hans Meyer Cave, named after him.

Can You Climb the Peak of Mawenzi?

Climbing Mawenzi is possible, though it is still incredibly dangerous. The Kilimanjaro National Park authorities are still mapping out a safer route but it is near impossible to find tour operators that offer services to climb the peak. If you are determined to take on the challenge, you must apply for a permit at least one month in advance, listing all the necessary technical mountaineering equipment in the application.

What is the Best Time to Climb Mawenzi?

The warm and dry months of January to March, and June to October are the ideal times to summit the peak. To avoid the rainy seasons, climbers should avoid the periods of March to May and November to early January.

How to Get to Mawenzi:

The two main routes to Mawenzi are the Marangu or Rongai routes, passing through the Marangu Gate, Mandara Huts and Horombo Huts and the Mawenzi Hut. The start point is the town of Moshi. The nearest airports are Kilimanjaro International Airport (between Moshi and Arusha), Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi (Kenya) and Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar Es Salam (Tanzania).

Mawenzi Peak Kilimanjaro map

Below is the location of Mawenzi Peak on a Map

How to Climb the Mawenzi Peak:

The approach to Mawenzi is more challenging since the terrain is extremely steep and often icy. Reaching the peak of Hans Meyer (5,149 m) requires 400 meters of climbing rating at II* 5 hours and takes the Oehler Couloir route via the North-West Corrievariant.

What are the Dangers of Mount Kilimanjaro’s Mawenzi?

Although Mawenzi is now open, extreme caution must be taken when climbing. The peak has claimed fatalities in the past, and there is still the risk of melting snow and rock collapse. Experienced and skilled mountaineers are required to attempt the summit, with imported mountaineering equipment necessary for the climb.

Conclusion About Mawenzi Peak

Those looking for a vista of unparalleled views and unique topography can climb the National Park’s Mawenzi Peak, the third-highest peak in Africa. Though it still requires specialized mountain equipment and a great deal of experience, the peak is now open – though lacing caution is advised.