Mountain bike Kilimanjaro

At 5 895m, Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world. Mt Kilimanjaro is located close to the Equator, where you can hike more than 60km, gain 4 000m in altitude, traverse rain forest, moorland, alpine desert, snow fields and ice cliffs in less than 7 days.

Mount Kilimanjaro Biking Tours

Biking up Kilimanjaro is a new concept and to date only few mountain bikers have ever managed to successfully bike up Kilimanjaro on mountain bikes. Of these, only a small number made it to the summit unassisted, by cycling, pushing or even carrying their bikes during some stages, without any assistance from our porters or guides, before starting a mighty roller coaster ride of 3 000m downhill cycling.

Biking Kilimanjaro Preparation

To further assist mountain bikers with the preparations for their Kilimanjaro biking expedition to the summit of this infamous mountain, Climbing Kilimanjaro can assist with essential advice on mental and physical preparation, fitness program, as well as recommended gear. Other useful information includes travel and transfer details, health issues to take note of, as well as a detailed breakdown of what to expect from meals, porters and guides during a biking up Kilimanjaro expedition.