Oldest Person to Climb Kilimanjaro and Breaks World Record


Oldest Person to Climb Kilimanjaro 

The oldest person to climb Mount Kilimanjaro is Anne Lorimor, aged 89 years and 37 days, who reached Uhuru Peak at 3:14 p.m. local Tanzania time on July 18, 2019. It’s actually wasn’t her first time to summit Kilimanjaro! She’s from Paradise Valley, Arizona, USA.

She also summited when she was 85 years old and was the oldest person to summit at that time. However, just the next year, Angela Vorobeva summited at 86 years old and beat Lorimor’s record. 


Lorimor wanted to reclaim her title so she climbed the mountain again to get her record back!

Challenges During the Climb 

Even though Lorimor successfully summited and had a great time climbing the mountain, she did encounter some challenges and difficulties along the way that she had to overcome. Before the climb even started, she actually fell down and was having some pain in her side. 


She was finding it a bit difficult to take deep breaths, but her doctor and the guides from her company ultimately decided she could make the climb. 


She persisted through some altitude sickness problems as well and was able to successfully reach the summit on July 18th, 2019. 

Details About Lorimor’s Climb 

Many people have tons of questions about Lorimor’s climb since it’s so interesting that an 89-year-old great-grandmother was able to successfully summit. 


She says her main encouragement for trying to reach the summit both times was because she wanted to raise money for her charity called Creating Exciting Futures. 


She began her charity because she has a passion for helping disadvantaged youth reach their dreams and make a better future for themselves. 

What Route Did Lorimor Climb? 


The route you choose to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro is very important. Since there are so many options, you might have a hard time deciding which one is best. 


While the Lemosho route and the Machame route are usually the most popular, Lorimor decided to summit using the less crowded Rongai Route


This route is less commonly used to summit because it’s much more difficult compared to some of the choices. However, Lorimor loves climbing and felt she was up for the challenge. 


Even though the ascent was pretty difficult, she managed to reach the top. The Rongai route is also the only route that approaches the mountain from the Northern side and it makes the ascent much harder and steeper. 


Despite the route being quite difficult, we still have a very high success rate with all our climbers on the Rongai route here at Climbing Kilimanjaro. 

Is Lorimor a Professional Climber? 


Many people assume since Lorimor was able to reach the summit at age 89 that she is a professional climber, but she’s actually not! 


She is not a professional mountaineer, but she hikes and remains active even when not training to climb Kilimanjaro. 


Since she has a passion for climbing, she is also able to better reach the summit because she love being on the mountain even when times get hard. 

Lorimor’s Competition 

Anne Lorimor now officially holds the record (again) for the oldest person to climb Kilimanjaro. She is followed by Angela Vorobeva who summited on October 29 2015 at 86 years old. 


In third place, there is Robert J. Wheeler who summited on October 2 2014 at 85 years old. 


Since Vorobeva originally beat Lorimor, Lorimor was determined to give the climb another try at 89 years old so she could hold the title of the “oldest person to summit Kilimanjaro” again. 

Angela Vorobeva 

Because of some challenges and problems, Vororbeva took about 13 hours to reach the summit. She experienced extreme fatigue, but other than that her oxygen levels and pulse were excellent so she was able to continue. 


Just like Lorimor, Vorobeva stays active even when not training for climbing. She makes sure to walk every day and enjoy the outdoors. 

Robert J Wheeler

Wheeler’s main inspiration for climbing Kilimanjaro was that he wanted to show everyone that they have the chance to summit regardless of their age. 


He climbed the Marangu route with his son, Jack. Like most people, Wheeler said the hardest part was the summit night because of the early wake-up call and the almost nine-hour journey to the top. 

Final Thoughts 

People of all ages are welcome to climb Kilimanjaro as long as they train and prepare just as everyone has to before choosing to make the long climb up the mountain. 


Remaining active and fit is key no matter what your age and ensures you have a successful summit!