Myself and three friends just completed a 7-day climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Machame Route) with Climbing Kilimanjaro. This trip was absolutely flawless. From the moment we met up with their staff, we were treated with the most incredible hospitality and professionalism we had ever encountered. We had initially chosen Climbing Kilimanjaro because of their reasonably priced tours but quickly learned that despite their incredible pricing, they didn't skimp on a single aspect of the tour. I could write a novel on all of the positive aspects of the trip but I will quickly mention a few. THE PRICE & SERVICE: Incredible price. We rented gear from them that was in great condition & worked perfectly throughout the trip. The tents that we stayed in were also in great condition and had no issues. Our Guides, Porters & Food were all AMAZING (more on each of these later). Could not find a better "bang-for-your-buck" option if you are considering a tour in Tanzania. From the moment we stepped off the airplane, we were met with a representative from the company who helped us with our bags and got us to the hotel. We mentioned we were hungry since it was 10PM at night and without question he got us to a local restaurant & grocery store. Every step of the trip was perfectly planned and flawless. THE GUIDES: You could not meet two better individuals. We had the absolute pleasure of being hosted by two of Tanzania's best guides: Frank "The Honey Badger" & Tumaini "Double T". These two were incredibly knowledgeable about every facet of the mountain--they gave us in-depth information on the mountain, the geography, the plants, the animals, the weather and more! They were walking encyclopedias. It was incredible to get all of this information while we were walking--making the trek all the more impactful. In addition to being knowledgeable, they were hilarious, personable, and kind. They were constantly looking out for us and the other porters. THE PORTERS: Incredible people. Not including the cooking staff and; guides, we had 14 porters accompany us on the trip (since we had large bags and opted to rent a toilet). Every one of them was great to have around, helped us with anything we needed, and even when language barriers existed were ready to provide us with a laugh, smile or song. Amazing staff, we were sad to say goodbye to. JUSTIN: Last but not least, I must tip my hat to Justin Mtui--the owner/CEO of Climbing Kilimanjaro. When trying to make our decision on what Tour Company to choose for this, we asked a lot of questions to various representatives from different organizations. Justin was always the quickest to respond and provided detailed, in-depth answers to any questions we had. Lots of the other companies are profit-driven and are operated from outside of the country. Justin was born, raised, and educated in Tanzania and started his career as a Porter & Guide. He has his employees & country's best interests in mind and his dedication to elevating the local community is evident through the tours he provides. Can't say enough good things about this company, if you are considering a trip in Tanzania, you can't find a better option!

Brian Farnan

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