What our clients say

Hasmik, UAE

I really had a great experience. The team, guides and porters were great people and did a very good job.

Our lead guide was very supportive and professional. If someone was not feeling well he was right by their side and doing everything he could to make them feel better and encourage them to continue the climb. He knew how to do this and was really good.

Gwilym, UK

The whole team were an absolute delight and so incredibly helpful and welcoming. They work very hard and are evidently experienced and sensible in helping people up the mountain.

Jen, UK

Incredible experience, made all the more amazing by the thoroughly professional and friendly team – thank you for getting me there!

Rudy, USA

I was very impressed by everything, most definitely your group are the best going up Kilimanjaro. Praygod is a very knowledgeable lead guide who really knows his stuff, the cook was fantastic and the porters were hardworking and in good spirits. Emanuel is very professional and on point with the co-ordination and also very well spoken in English. Climbing Kilimanjaro is hands down a fantastic crew!

Richard & Tom, UK

Thanks to a great team both on and off the mountain. At no point was it easy, but very worth it!

Amanda, UK

The whole experience was amazing. It surpassed expectations. The climbing was a lot tougher than expected but with Praygod and Elias as guides it was all totally possible. They made sure we had good spots at the campsites – on the edge so less noisy and better for sleep. Kosovo camp was a fantastic choice. It gave us a head start and we were amongst the first to summit. I will always recommend you and of course our guides who were thorough, supportive, experienced, trusting and very in tune with us. Fantastic.

Citygrove, UK

Everyone in the Citygrove team had an absolutely amazing time. Words cannot explain what an experience it was. A huge thank you to everyone at Climbing Kilimanjaro who made our success possible.

Caroline, UK

I will definitely recommend your company again. Praygod was so passionate and wonderful and Emanuel and Daniel were brilliant too. I found it incredibly tough, but Praygod and Sebbie were fantastic and knew what to do.